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Andrew Goodman, PPC expertAndrew Goodman’s analytical mind dates back to skipping two grades (but only in math) in Grade 7, which led to a short but scary walk from middle school to high school each day. Since then, he has applied his high school math to advanced research and teaching in public policy, clever ideas about digital marketing, and counting to 93 during a round of golf.

He launched Page Zero Media as a consultancy in late 2000 while blogging about trends in “portals” with Traffick.com co-founder Cory Kleinschmidt. Traffick’s early predictions that tech companies like Yahoo and AOL sought to become all-encompassing monopolists have been more than borne out (though Yahoo and AOL didn’t make it… wah, wah). He remains Founder and President of Page Zero. He is also chief product developer (read: does not write code) for Zerobot, a beta-stage PPC automation toolkit in deep stealth mode.

The fledgling agency, internally known as “PZ,” gained momentum after the launch of the PPC version of Google Ads in 2002. Andrew wrote the first-ever book about the platform, Winning Results With Google AdWords (McGraw-Hill, 2005, 2008). PZ soon developed a laser focus on providing full-service PPC campaign management for a range of clients — some relatively large, some smaller. This focus has never wavered.

Andrew has spoken at countless digital marketing events, and at one time held an “iron man streak” of speaking at 48 consecutive Search Engine Strategies conferences in North America.

His side hustle for ten years was a startup called HomeStars (co-founder, Board of Directors). HomeStars was acquired by HomeAdvisor in February 2017.

In recent years, perhaps as a by-product of success, Andrew has become fond of designing and furnishing spaces and landscapes (home, office, etc.). (“UX” carries over to the real world, apparently!) The math says you live longer if you stay healthy, so Andrew keeps active on trails and in the gym, and he loves to travel within Atlantic Canada, the Caribbean, and Europe, whenever time allows. He divides his time between homes in Toronto and Fredericton, NB.

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About the Author

Andrew Goodman is Founder & President of Page Zero Media. His accomplishments include writing the first-ever full-length book about Google AdWords, heading up this Google Ads Premier Partner agency, maintaining a string of 48 consecutive speaking engagements at Search Engine Strategies in North America, co-founding a startup called HomeStars, and wearing the dickens out of a lab coat at the SMX Advanced session called Mad Scientists. His active lifestyle requires increasingly elaborate bowls of yogurt. He works from the Toronto office as well as a home office in Fredericton, NB.

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